Response to a pretty strong difference of opinions between a friend and I.


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A co-worker and good friend of mine recently sent me an email which took me by surprise… He is a spiritual man who is like me in that we both are always trying to learn new things about (and to improve) ourselves and the world around us..  Well in this email he told me that he has essentially been a little off track recently in his spiritual beliefs but is back on what he believes is the right path after watching a youtube video regarding the beliefs of the church on gay rights, etc.

Well one of my close relatives is bi, and I have had friends who are gay, so personally I have different beliefs, and I responded to his email and told him this, and afterwords he apologized and essentially said he was caught up in the moment of what he was thinking about after watching the video, and that he is still searching and doesn’t know the truth.  So In response; I sent him the following (paraphrased) message

Ultimately it is up to each one of us to decide for ourselves what we think is right and wrong, what we believe and what we don’t, and what is truth and what are lies.  Even if our beliefs do conflict; I have nothing but utmost respect for you because you are willing to actually take the time to view all sides of every argument you hear before deciding for sure what you believe; I wish more people could be like that.

So continue not being afraid to tell me your true beliefs/feelings.  I will always tell you how I feel about something regardless of whether we agree; just don’t be offended if we don’t, I will happily explain why I do or don’t agree with you about anything and I hope you aren’t afraid to do the same.  The best thing about arguments between two intelligent adults is that we have the ability to still get along and respect the fact that people don’t always have to agree to be friends.

Anyways I generally have the same morals and values as you even if there are differences here and there.. Basically what I am trying to say is keep on being you. Don’t let what I say to you affect what you say to me or think I want to hear; I hope nothing like that can stop us from being friends.

I just thought I would share this email, I thought it important to repeat because I feel like there would be many more friendships and therefore happiness in this world if we could just remember that sometimes arguments are going to happen and we can’t always agree; but we can look past our differences and see the good in other people.

Happy Holidays everyone!

See you soon  =)



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