Technology and Ignorance


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We live in a golden age.  We have amazing technology and continue to invent more and more advanced gadgets that make our lives easier. But at what cost? We have actually become reliant on our technology and believe that we can not survive without it; which in some cases; is absolutely true.   Humans would never have been able to advance to where we are today without fire, which in some ways is our invention (though a naturally occurring phenomenon).  Similarly, now we rely on electricity (another naturally occurring phenomenon in the form of lightning) for light and heat.  But what happens every time there is a big thunderstorm or blizzard on the way that may cause a power outage?  People become panicked, they rush to grocery stores, and on occasion it gets so bad some resort to looting and riots…

How many people do you know who would be able to survive without grocery stores and McDonalds, without cars to get to work, and for that matter without work.  Could you find a way to survive without money?  For most of us (myself included); the answer is a most devastating; NO.  If there were no electricity and no currency; we would either be forced to adopt a barter system, or even steal from each other (or worse) in order to survive.  Let’s face it; nothing lasts forever; and our way of life as it stands now; especially our insatiable energy consumption as it stands today; will change or it will end completely one way or the other.

Most of us may not be able to survive if a real threat to our way of life were to occur.  Though we humans seem to be able to destroy the planet on our own, there are plenty of natural occurrences in space that could be devastating to our way of life. In the year 1859 (a blink of an eye in the scheme of things) there was a solar storm that caused all the telegraph systems in Europe and North America to fail.  Were the same storm to occur today; the devastation to our electrical and battery-powered systems would be enormous.  One way we could be better prepared for a power outage would be for each of us to find a skill that we are interested in learning that does not require electricity (or a battery) to perform.  For example learn how to paint, learn calligraphy, or how to play a musical instrument.  Find something that holds some meaning for you, and/or something that you can teach to others.

There’s also the constant threat of comets and meteors, which have hit us before many times as well.  Though there are only a handful of known craters on earth that we can point out;  many more have occurred in the past that have been covered up by time, erosion, etc..  Just look at how many craters are on the moon!   Speaking of which: the prevailing hypothesis today is that a few billion years ago the earth was hit by a mars-sized object (called Theia)..  The aftermath of that devastating blow is, you guessed it: the moon.  Though that was a long time ago, and the solar system has calmed down a bit; we can’t stick our heads in the sand and pretend that such a catastrophe could never have happened, and we know for a fact that we hit very small objects all the time (ever seen a shooting star?  Earth is bombarded by these small pieces of rock and debris on a daily basis). I am not trying to scare anyone; I am just trying to remind you that nothing lasts forever.   Each one of us dies, as well as all other living things. We have proven that stars (our sun for example) have a finite amount of energy, as well, and one day they “die,”  Which means at some point; so will the earth (and with it all life on the planet).  Just like our bodies; Earth is the only one we have.

I think we should be focusing our energy on first of all ending War; then discrimination of all types, and hunger, and then spending our time working on ways to protect life as well as the planet itself; while we work on ways to get to another planet or planets that can sustain life if something were to happen to this one.

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