Quit Smoking, or stop any other addiction without spending a dime.


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As a previous smoker (for 15 years), I know first hand how hard it can be to quit something that you have been mentally and physically addicted to for a long time.  I tried quitting multiple times but couldn’t get past the first couple weeks, even with the help of e-cigarettes.  Well I was able to quit about 6 months ago now completely “cold turkey.”  What was my secret?  Simple, I used the power of “mind over matter.” 

Now let me make it clear that I am not a superstitious man by any means; I just know for a fact that our minds are capable of amazing things.   One of the most important things you should know when trying to accomplish anything is also the most simple; the only way you can achieve something, is if you believe that you can achieve it.  Then it is just a matter of will-power/effort, and if appropriate; practice and method development. 

One trick that I can give you in addition to just believing that you can quit smoking, is to give yourself a natural high… when you feel like you need to smoke; simply breathe in very quickly and hold your breath when you can’t inhale anymore.  Hold it for a few seconds and you will feel like you just smoked a cigarette; and you won’t need one anymore..  Just remember that if you simply try to quit, but don’t fully believe you can, or think it is too hard, or have any doubt; you won’t quit. 

You have to want to quit before you can!  Then it is a matter of perseverance.  I am at the point where I can be around other smokers, and have no problem not having one.  Some more quick advice is to find something to do instead of smoking; perhaps if you smoke every morning when you wake up or get in a car you should drink a glass of water or chew a piece of gum instead (or inhale quickly and hold your breath)… Good Luck and don’t forget that you can do anything you put your mind to!


See you soon  =)