Go with the flow; and find peace


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You don’t have to be religious to know there is something amazing about nature.  Just like you don’t have to be happy at all times to have found peace.  If you stop to smell the roses; you will start to notice how your day to day stresses are really not worth suffering for, or dwelling on.  Remember that a “bad day” is all about your perspective;  if you think you will have a bad day, you will!  Ask yourself: “How important will this problem/issue/argument be tomorrow?  next week?  next month? next year? in 10 years?”  

Trying to remember that life is too short to focus on the trivial, and to try to find, and do the things you enjoy; can greatly increase the general quality of life.   If you are at work and feel like the day is just dragging on;  try to remember that in the scheme of things the amount of time between now and when the work day is finished is a blink of an eye; and before you know it, you will be off.  

I find that just going with the flow, rolling with the punches and just letting things go, and generally choosing to be happy, is the way to finding peace.  You don’t have to meditate, or do yoga, or even believe in anything to be a spiritual person.  Perspective and mood is everything. 


See you soon  =)