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In this day and age it seems ridiculous to me that we still are so blinded by what society expects of us.  According to the unspoken rules of our culture, in order to be successful, we must have finished college, gotten married (and have children), and have at least 1 promotion by the time we are 30.   If this were the only way to become successful monetarily; then there would be no millionaires or billionaires who never went to college; of which there are many, and there would be a lot more millionaires and billionaires who have gone to college; of which there aren’t enough…

I believe formal education where one must physically go to a campus is fast becoming obsolete. For one thing; there are many colleges that now offer online classes which are often cheaper than the same class offered at their respective campuses.  Even so; it is expensive to get a degree regardless of where you go; and then, the job market is so bad that many new graduates are finding it hard to find decent paying jobs in their chosen fields.

So why, then, do we spend tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that takes 4 (or more) years of our lives to receive?

Colleges are not meant to create wealthy people, nor are they meant to create geniuses. A college degree is just proof that someone has the ability to stick with something for a certain period of time, to overcome obstacles and, to be frank; it proves that someone will follow direction from their superiors without questioning.

With the technology we have today, (it is now common knowledge that) you can learn anything online; 99% of which, you can learn for free.  So instead of waiting for some teacher to tell you what to study; anyone (of any age and background) can go online and find out the information they are interested in.

Even before the internet anyone could choose to read a book rather than go to a school and learn the same information in a more relaxed, forgiving environment. Now you can still read a book (of which there are many more), or visit an appropriate website, or even watch a youtube video on the topic of your choosing, and learn more, faster than what a professor in a traditional university may teach.

In all fairness, because of the importance society has placed on the degree and the amount of intelligence we have supposedly achieved once we receive it; it is very hard to find a high-paying job without one (though there are some; I have seen this first hand).  However, if you are really interested in how to become wealthy rather than just having a “good job”; you can go online, and find information on economics such as assets verses liabilities and sources of residual passive income. And, for those still unsure, there is no rule that says the owner of a company or the creator of an invention, or the writer of a hit song or author of a best-selling book has to have a formal education in their respective fields…

I am going to assume that the meaning of life is not to slave away working for someone else for half our lives only to end up old and broke and unhappy.  I am not saying the meaning of life is to do nothing and just have fun and go to parties all day; though finding ways to enjoy life is not a bad thing (as long as nothing you do will hurt others)…

If you were to ask me what the meaning of life is; I would say what you leave to your descendants and what you have shared with the people who’s lives you were a part of.  Teach others what you know, do what you can to save the environment, or give something back to the community!

Whether it is by writing a book, or a song, or teaching others what is important to you, I have found that regardless of our formal education (or lack thereof), regardless of the number of 0s in our bank accounts (even if we are in debt), what is really important is how people will remember you, and what knowledge and gifts you can share with the world that your descendants or at least your friends and their descendants will be able to enjoy.

I decided long ago not to be a slave to what society expects of me.  Personally, I would much rather use my brain; learn what I want, and achieve everything that I always wanted in my own way.  “Two roads diverged…and I—I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Thank you for reading, and keep an eye out for my next post where I will talk about the technology we have today and the dangers of being so reliant on it.

See you soon  =)