Technology and Ignorance


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We live in a golden age.  We have amazing technology and continue to invent more and more advanced gadgets that make our lives easier. But at what cost? We have actually become reliant on our technology and believe that we can not survive without it; which in some cases; is absolutely true.   Humans would never have been able to advance to where we are today without fire, which in some ways is our invention (though a naturally occurring phenomenon).  Similarly, now we rely on electricity (another naturally occurring phenomenon in the form of lightning) for light and heat.  But what happens every time there is a big thunderstorm or blizzard on the way that may cause a power outage?  People become panicked, they rush to grocery stores, and on occasion it gets so bad some resort to looting and riots…

How many people do you know who would be able to survive without grocery stores and McDonalds, without cars to get to work, and for that matter without work.  Could you find a way to survive without money?  For most of us (myself included); the answer is a most devastating; NO.  If there were no electricity and no currency; we would either be forced to adopt a barter system, or even steal from each other (or worse) in order to survive.  Let’s face it; nothing lasts forever; and our way of life as it stands now; especially our insatiable energy consumption as it stands today; will change or it will end completely one way or the other.

Most of us may not be able to survive if a real threat to our way of life were to occur.  Though we humans seem to be able to destroy the planet on our own, there are plenty of natural occurrences in space that could be devastating to our way of life. In the year 1859 (a blink of an eye in the scheme of things) there was a solar storm that caused all the telegraph systems in Europe and North America to fail.  Were the same storm to occur today; the devastation to our electrical and battery-powered systems would be enormous.  One way we could be better prepared for a power outage would be for each of us to find a skill that we are interested in learning that does not require electricity (or a battery) to perform.  For example learn how to paint, learn calligraphy, or how to play a musical instrument.  Find something that holds some meaning for you, and/or something that you can teach to others.

There’s also the constant threat of comets and meteors, which have hit us before many times as well.  Though there are only a handful of known craters on earth that we can point out;  many more have occurred in the past that have been covered up by time, erosion, etc..  Just look at how many craters are on the moon!   Speaking of which: the prevailing hypothesis today is that a few billion years ago the earth was hit by a mars-sized object (called Theia)..  The aftermath of that devastating blow is, you guessed it: the moon.  Though that was a long time ago, and the solar system has calmed down a bit; we can’t stick our heads in the sand and pretend that such a catastrophe could never have happened, and we know for a fact that we hit very small objects all the time (ever seen a shooting star?  Earth is bombarded by these small pieces of rock and debris on a daily basis). I am not trying to scare anyone; I am just trying to remind you that nothing lasts forever.   Each one of us dies, as well as all other living things. We have proven that stars (our sun for example) have a finite amount of energy, as well, and one day they “die,”  Which means at some point; so will the earth (and with it all life on the planet).  Just like our bodies; Earth is the only one we have.

I think we should be focusing our energy on first of all ending War; then discrimination of all types, and hunger, and then spending our time working on ways to protect life as well as the planet itself; while we work on ways to get to another planet or planets that can sustain life if something were to happen to this one.

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In this day and age it seems ridiculous to me that we still are so blinded by what society expects of us.  According to the unspoken rules of our culture, in order to be successful, we must have finished college, gotten married (and have children), and have at least 1 promotion by the time we are 30.   If this were the only way to become successful monetarily; then there would be no millionaires or billionaires who never went to college; of which there are many, and there would be a lot more millionaires and billionaires who have gone to college; of which there aren’t enough…

I believe formal education where one must physically go to a campus is fast becoming obsolete. For one thing; there are many colleges that now offer online classes which are often cheaper than the same class offered at their respective campuses.  Even so; it is expensive to get a degree regardless of where you go; and then, the job market is so bad that many new graduates are finding it hard to find decent paying jobs in their chosen fields.

So why, then, do we spend tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that takes 4 (or more) years of our lives to receive?

Colleges are not meant to create wealthy people, nor are they meant to create geniuses. A college degree is just proof that someone has the ability to stick with something for a certain period of time, to overcome obstacles and, to be frank; it proves that someone will follow direction from their superiors without questioning.

With the technology we have today, (it is now common knowledge that) you can learn anything online; 99% of which, you can learn for free.  So instead of waiting for some teacher to tell you what to study; anyone (of any age and background) can go online and find out the information they are interested in.

Even before the internet anyone could choose to read a book rather than go to a school and learn the same information in a more relaxed, forgiving environment. Now you can still read a book (of which there are many more), or visit an appropriate website, or even watch a youtube video on the topic of your choosing, and learn more, faster than what a professor in a traditional university may teach.

In all fairness, because of the importance society has placed on the degree and the amount of intelligence we have supposedly achieved once we receive it; it is very hard to find a high-paying job without one (though there are some; I have seen this first hand).  However, if you are really interested in how to become wealthy rather than just having a “good job”; you can go online, and find information on economics such as assets verses liabilities and sources of residual passive income. And, for those still unsure, there is no rule that says the owner of a company or the creator of an invention, or the writer of a hit song or author of a best-selling book has to have a formal education in their respective fields…

I am going to assume that the meaning of life is not to slave away working for someone else for half our lives only to end up old and broke and unhappy.  I am not saying the meaning of life is to do nothing and just have fun and go to parties all day; though finding ways to enjoy life is not a bad thing (as long as nothing you do will hurt others)…

If you were to ask me what the meaning of life is; I would say what you leave to your descendants and what you have shared with the people who’s lives you were a part of.  Teach others what you know, do what you can to save the environment, or give something back to the community!

Whether it is by writing a book, or a song, or teaching others what is important to you, I have found that regardless of our formal education (or lack thereof), regardless of the number of 0s in our bank accounts (even if we are in debt), what is really important is how people will remember you, and what knowledge and gifts you can share with the world that your descendants or at least your friends and their descendants will be able to enjoy.

I decided long ago not to be a slave to what society expects of me.  Personally, I would much rather use my brain; learn what I want, and achieve everything that I always wanted in my own way.  “Two roads diverged…and I—I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Thank you for reading, and keep an eye out for my next post where I will talk about the technology we have today and the dangers of being so reliant on it.

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Something I recently posted in an online community I was invited into…

I was asked to join a community on Google Plus recently and I accepted.  The community has to do with making money and I thought I could impart some of my knowledge about assets and liabilities, etc. to my fellow members:

Before I say anything else; and be aware I am not receiving any sort of payment for the following advice: the best suggestion I can give is to learn what the people who are rich, and who know how to stay wealthy; do to achieve and preserve their wealth.. mainly referring to assets and liabilities; I learned the hard way; but a really new (and fun) way is by playing cashflow; a board game created by the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki; the board game itself is pretty expensive; but he has a free online version of it on his site (which is free to sign up on) at   The game is really fun and an excellent way to learn about how to handle money and “get out of the rat race.”  I play it myself still; often teaching others how to play, but sometimes just for fun..

I have recently begun creating sources of passive residual income.  I am a musician with albums out on iTunes, Google Play, etc. and am a self-published author with my e-book on amazon, barnes & noble, google etc., and most recently I was told by my music managers that one of my songs is going to be in an upcoming video game that I am going to receive royalties from; and I have achieved all of this in the last year.

Point being, find what you are good at and ideally something you enjoy doing; and find ways to earn residual, passive income off that; and you’d be surprised at what is possible and what you can achieve.

After I recently read the books “think & grow rich” as well as “tax-free retirement” I found a great investment opportunity that is a legal tax loop-hole, earns much more interest than banks offer; and has downside protection. It is called equity indexed universal (permanent, never get temporary) life insurance.  I also recommend getting one from National Life Group due to the fact that they are the only company that offers full living benefits.

Anyways no matter what you do now or what you want to do or achieve in the future; one of the best pieces of advice I received was to write out your goals; and figure out step-by-step how to achieve them; and then do those steps;  as long as you have a burning desire to achieve your goals, can stay positive; and have clear, to the point plans to carry them out, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

I wish you Good Luck in all your endeavors!


Adam Faigen

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The secret to getting everything you’ve always wanted


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This is not the first time I have shared the following information, nor am I the first person to share it in the first place.  This can be the most important thing you have ever heard; or it can do nothing for you.

The only person who makes it valuable is you.

One of the best ways I have ever heard this concept is the following metaphor.  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  Well this is the most clear, clean, healthy water imaginable.  It’s a panacea called the “secret.”  It is the law of attraction:

Whatever you believe wholeheartedly and strive for; you can achieve.

I know it seems sappy; and even utopian.  I understand it is hard to believe. I haven’t always believed it, myself, but trust me; It is very true, you just have to decide what you want, and then take action.

Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals; it’s as simple as writing them down.  Write out step-by-step what you have to do to achieve them.  Then you simply have to do something every day towards completing each step.

Nothing could be simpler once you understand the basics.  Decide what you want, then take action every day to achieve what you want.  If you don’t believe me; take my own life for example.

I didn’t have any drive for a long time;  Bad experiences in my past were affecting me inside and out.  However, before finding out exactly what it was or how to do it; I began following the law of attraction.

I decided what I wanted; which was to take my passion for music and turn it into a career. I wrote out my first step; to record some of my songs and get them on youtube.  Then I did just that (after forgetting I wrote that down – I recently found the piece of paper I wrote that on…);  I didn’t even write down more steps nor did I know exactly what I wanted to achieve at that time.

As soon as I did get my originals on youtube, however, I knew what the natural next step was; get them on iTunes, Google Play, etc.

So I did.  It’s that simple.

Since then I worked on advertising/marketing/promoting; whatever you want to call it; I worked hard; but I enjoyed every minute!   I was working at what I wanted most; I was living my dream; and it’s true what they say;

“Find something you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

So I worked hard, and eventually I ran into my music managers; I found them, they didn’t find me.  I submitted my music to them, they liked it, and now they advertise all my songs to big companies like MTV, VH1, Hyatt, Starbucks, etc.

They even recently told me that one of my songs is going to be in an upcoming video game created by Matsuko (game name hasn’t been released yet, but it is set to be released in May).

I am not the best musician in the world; on the contrary I admit I am very mediocre; I know how to play, but I am not amazing.  I just put my heart/emotion into my music, and everything I did and do involving it, and things worked out.

The point is I followed the law of attraction:  I believed it was possible, I took steps to achieve it, and then my dreams came true.

I know I had heard the words “the law of attraction” before; but didn’t understand what it meant until recently after a lot of reading.  Find what you want, write out what it is and then write out the steps you need to take in order to achieve it; and then do the steps!

No one except you can change your life; no one except you can make you rich, happy, or a better person.

We only live once; remember any one of us can get run over by a bus later today; or get a heart attack, or maybe a plane could crash on your house… My point is: Carpe Diem; The only time you know that you are alive to achieve what you want is now.

After fear, procrastination is our biggest enemy.

Figure out what you want, then do whatever it takes to go out and get it!

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for my next post where I will talk about being an autodidact and how it can make you much more intelligent, happier, and more successful. – update: this is 2 posts in the future; in my next post I showed a comment I made in a google plus community..

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The Real definitions of Assets and Liabilities; and what everyone can do to start being able to obtain more assets.


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The information that I am going to share in this post can exponentially improve your quality of life.  As with anything, however, you must be willing and able to fully comprehend the new information and take appropriate action before anything in your life will change.

First and foremost; figure out what you need, then figure out what you like, then figure out what you want, and finally figure out how to get all of the above NOW! Not when you have the time – the only time you know you have is now (you could get run over by a bus or have a heart attack today)! Write a step-by-step outline that will enable you to achieve all those things that you need, like, and want. I will reiterate: there is no perfect time, you are alive NOW, you have options NOW, if you want to change your life; the only person who can do it, you guessed it: is YOU!

Save as much as possible (minimize all types of gambling, unnecessary spending and all the other “doodads” that are currently in your expenses). If you are living from paycheck to paycheck; your goal is to first make your income higher than your expenses; during this time, and from now on; you should be paying off your debt and looking for opportunities that can provide you with residual streams of passive income.  Eventually you want to make your passive income higher than your expenses; at which point you could quit your 9-5 if you wanted, and work on gaining more passive income and really diving into whatever makes you happy!

We’re only human; Everyone purchases things and participates in activities we know are not the wisest choices…  If you can figure out the minimum that you need to survive: to pay all of your bills and still have enough money left over for cheap food.  You’ll have a better idea of how much money you MUST have coming in; and how much money you can start saving now!

There are ways to help you have more money in your pocket today (as in RIGHT NOW)  Figure out whether or not everything you currently have, or are spending money on; is a need or a want (these are two very different words!).  You may find that you already have all your needs (as a music lover; I couldn’t help quoting the Rolling Stones here),  “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes; you just might find you get what you need.” Whether or not you have heard that song before and whether or not you like it; it has a good point: Usually, people already have everything they need, if not then work on your needs FIRST!

Now assuming you have all your needs: just work on minimizing unimportant “wants” that you don’t have, and selling the things that you used to need or want that you don’t anymore…  If you follow this correctly; you should have more money in your pocket.; which means you are able to save/invest a lot more! NOW Find ways of getting those things that you truly need, then those things you really want.  You should constantly be re-evaluating your needs and wants and continuing to plan accordingly!

Now I would like to talk about the true definitions of an asset and a liability.  In layman’s terms, an asset is something that earns you money, a liability is something that costs you money.  So let’s look at these in a little more depth.  Here’s my favorite example that explains it the simplest.  Your car is not an asset, it is a liability.  You spent money when you originally purchased your car, then you spend money on gas and oil changes, then you spend money on repairs.  when it comes time to sell it; the only way that your car becomes an asset is if you sell it for MORE than everything you have spent.

When you ask the average person what is their biggest asset most will say it is their house.  95% of the time, this is simply not true.  Your house is a liability unless you sell it for more than you spent on it. This means that after your down payment, the sum of the money you spend on your mortgage, your utilities, upkeep/maintenance, and everything else you spend on your house on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis; must be LESS than the amount of money you sell it for, and personally earn off of the sale.

A true asset is your job; you earn more money than you spend on it (you spend money on transportation to and from work).  A true asset is your 401k or IRA (though they are taxable, so when you want to withdraw money be careful; see my last post for an alternative way to invest that is tax-free).  Dividends earned from well-performing stocks are an example of residual passive income; and that type of stock can be an asset.

See the free online game cashflow classic at for a fun way to learn how to become wealthy, feel free to contact me at if you want someone to play with (who can answer any questions you have while playing it).

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for my next post where I will talk about the law of attraction and how staying positive and making plans can help you achieve everything you have always desired!

See you soon  =)


Finding Happiness, and, less importantly; the new way to invest that is saving lives!

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I promised in my last post that I was going to make this solely regarding my most recent endeavor; venturing into the realm of the financial industry; and looking for and eventually finding what I consider the best investment vehicle in the world.  However, though I will mention the aforementioned information; it is not my purpose in life, and I am definitely not a salesman by nature (just ask my parents).

So I would like to start off with something completely different than what I promised first; because, well, it’s simply more important, and most people believe they don’t have the time to read every blog post, essay, book, or whatever they come across in their daily lives; and though it pains me to say it; they are right!

It is impossible for one human to live long enough to fully study and understand all of the information available to us, especially in this day and age; so it is up to each individual to pick and choose what they do and don’t want to read and learn.

Provided you can find ways to survive while doing so, I highly recommend spending time every day finding, and then doing the thing(s) you love most. “The pursuit of happiness”  for me is teaching, helping people, playing/making music, and spending time with family and friends.  I can’t tell you what makes you happy, but I can give you suggestions on how to become happier in general and improve your quality of life.

Helping others (whether it’s people, animals, or the environment) has been proven to make us happier, and it makes others happier and improves their quality of life too (a real win-win scenario).  Finding a hobby that you enjoy can also be a great escape.  Spending more time with family can be a great stress reliever (obviously some family members more so than others).

My point is: life is way too short to be so caught up in society’s notion that “becoming wealthy through hard work” is the meaning of life. The problem with that type of thinking —other than the cold truth that you can literally work yourself to death; look up the new Japanese word: Karoshi— most people who are truly wealthy and stay wealthy actually didn’t work as hard for as long as you may think to get there, and many are definitely not the hardest workers in the world.

They became wealthy through smart decisions such as minimizing their liabilities (paying off credit cards and other debts for example), investing their money, gaining assets, earning money from multiple sources of residual passive income.  However; they are NOT the happiest people in the world, they are just the wealthiest.  It has actually been proven now that yes, in general people who make $5000 per year are not as happy as people who make $50,000 per year just because the very poor are unable to afford the simple necessities to stay alive; however, the people who make $50,000 per year are almost equally as happy as people who make $50,000,000 per year… Just something to keep in mind.

Now I will keep my word and briefly talk about the investment vehicle I have found with downside protection, upside potential, and that actually saves lives; in the form of a new type of life insurance that you don’t have to die to use.  It is a permanent (not a term) life insurance policy in which your investment actually starts to accumulate interest based on the stock market; but unlike a 401k, when the stock market goes down, in this your money does not! So you earn interest (guaranteed 2.5%, currently approximately 8% apy with a cap of 13.5%), and then you have downside protection so you never lose anything you have invested nor any interest you have gained. Another huge benefit; especially for business owners, is that also unlike a 401k and other investment vehicles: this is a completely legal tax loop-hole.

The only catch is to have the tax-free status you can not invest more than 15% of your annual income, any more than that and it will become a modified endowment contract (MEC) and will be taxable.

I have saved the best for last. The reason this is actually a life saver is because while you own this type of policy, if you get very sick or injured, you can actually take money out of the face value of your policy (again completely tax-free) while you are still living.

If you think about it; when you have to go to the hospital (especially for a prolonged period of time), you can’t work, and may even get fired, so you aren’t making that steady income anymore, but you still have to pay all your bills, which your health insurance will not cover.  With this you get a HUGE chunk of money tax-free and are able to use it for anything; from hospital bills like the best of the best medical care that your health insurance may not cover (which can definitely save your life), you can use the money for your mortgage/rent, other bills, food, a vacation, and anything else you want to use it for, because it is your money!

For more information; contact me at

If you are interested I am also hiring people to work with (not for) me to sell this.  You can not get fired, there are no required hours and it can be done completely in your free-time.  It also can be one of those residual sources of passive income the wealthy like so much…

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for my next post; where I will talk more about assets and liabilities and give some suggestions of ways to improve your financial situation regardless of whether you are poor or rich, or somewhere in between.

See you soon  =)


Music and Finances


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In my opinion; music and finances are very similar in their close relationships to mathematics.   I believe most musicians will agree with me that during most songs there will be some sort of time-able beat.  Most commonly there is something called 4/4 time where basically you can count to 4 with the beat of any song. Then often after the 4th time you do count to 4; there will be a new verse or the chorus…

Similarly; finances are related to mathematics for many reasons; but most simply because things can get bad very quickly if you don’t keep a close eye on the amount of money you have, the amount you are making and the amount you are spending.

Another way in which finances and music are similar;  they can both imbue some very deep emotions. I don’t remember the exact numbers but if memory serves: more than half of marriages that end in divorce were due to finances; usually from debt and/or lack of income, etc. so obviously not having enough money can at least indirectly cause us to have deep, even painful emotions such as stress, depression, anger, etc.;  Relating this back to music; any avid music listener knows that there are certain songs that completely change our current moods if we are willing to actually listen to and be receptive to those songs.

With music and finances; there are also almost always some uncertainties; hopefully not with your own finances too much, but with the stock market for example, or for someone that works for the government during a government shutdown…. So It’s not always easy to know what is going to happen down the road

When you have never heard a genre of music before, and/or a song from a band you have never heard of is about to be played for the first time, you don’t know what to expect.  But if you listen to reviews of that genre of music or the band, you listen to a couple of their other songs first; you “test out the waters” as it were; you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you do listen to that song;

Likewise: no one knows for sure where the Nasdaq or the Dow will be in a years time..So you could teach yourself more about finances; learn everything you can about the real definitions of an asset and a liability, why you need to focus on first finding ways to make residual passive income, and making your income higher than your expenses while paying off debt  For example, musicians make royalties off of one commercial or one movie that their songs appear in, and those royalties come in permanently after that (often monthly or quarterly).  Similarly; authors write a book once and permanently earn money each time someone purchases a copy of it..  (Not including advertising/marketing) We never have to do any more work after we finish creating these things which is what makes them passive income….

If you fully understand the information above, and you utilize that knowledge to your benefit: you will have a lot better idea of the different options available to you. Be able to learn all the details about anything you want, and generally be more prepared for the future (anyone can learn anything; for free; now that we have the internet; you just have to take the initiative to go online, and do the research).

The best advice I could give is; keep your current job at first and/or find something that provides a steady paycheck with enough money to survive off of; and try to find ways to earn passive income on the side until you are making a consistant amount of money every month that is (I recommend) at least twice the amount you are making at your steady 9-5; and then you could quit it.  If you don’t have any feasible ideas off the top of your head that will enable you to begin making some sort of residual income;  find something you love doing, read up on it; and start doing it when you aren’t working, you can teach other people that skill, or if it is creating something; sell it!

Though it is usually a good idea to educate yourself in every aspect of any topic you are interested in; do not waste unnecessary time and money on a formal education when all the information you learn in school is available for free on the internet.  You would be surprised how often the richest people in the world take legal “short cuts” like this to save even small bits of money.  Being frugal is the name of the game; the people who are the richest who obtain wealth and then STAY wealthy from then on are the ones with large residual passive incomes, and relatively low overhead; along with the self restraint to not spend all their money on unnecessary liabilities.

For example you could have 10 million dollars in your name, own a small 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo with a minivan (all of which you paid in cash) even though you could EASILY afford the mortgages on 2 mansions and a vacation home, easily lease a couple Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc. or whatever you wanted to buy, but instead of getting these leases and mortgages the smartest, wealthiest people invest that money into safe investment vehicles instead, and actually may have a mansion or two, but they would be renting out those mansions (a type of residual passive income because they are renting them for much more than how much they are paying on the mortgages/bills each month)..  I am not a real-estate expert; I am just giving an example:  so when you start to get to this level of investing it is a good idea learn from an expert who has a proven track record and you should read multiple books on the subject before making any rash decisions (I do know that renters insurance is a good idea)…

When I am interested in a subject; I read books or watch youtube videos; and talk to and more specifically listen to people more knowledgeable than me in those fields (all of which counts as getting an education in my opinion).  Be aware, however; that one of the best educations you can get is called learning by doing..  Just dive straight in and stop worrying about what other people think or say and learn as you go. There is always “more than one way to skin a cat,” and as long as you are smart about it: it is much better to try and fail than to never try…

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for my next post; where I will go over a new financial product which earns guaranteed interest (much more than any bank will offer in savings accounts or CDs, etc), has downside protection, is completely tax free, and can even save your life!

See you soon  =)