Ideas That Make Life Easier


Ideas That Make Life Easier
I have found that if you look in the right places, you can find some nifty, free, and easy ways you can make the world a better place simply by doing things you do every day a little differently…

For example: I like to use instead of google or bing to do my web-searching. They plant trees for every few searches! If you want to be a little more direct (and maybe a bit unorthodox); you can minimize your carbon footprint by running your car on water!

I recently watched a documentary on Bill Murray, and it touches on some very profound ideas. Even a small gesture like spending a moment of your time making someone else’s day better, can change that person’s life! Not only do you help make that person happy, but you, in turn, can become happy helping other people become happy too!

When we inevitably die, what people remember is not how much money you had. What is remembered is what you leave for the world, what you create and
teach others, what kind of person you were, how much time you spent with,
and how you treated your friends and family, and most importantly, how you
helped the world!

25 Life Hacks: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas That Make Life Easier


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