Something I recently posted in an online community I was invited into…

I was asked to join a community on Google Plus recently and I accepted.  The community has to do with making money and I thought I could impart some of my knowledge about assets and liabilities, etc. to my fellow members:

Before I say anything else; and be aware I am not receiving any sort of payment for the following advice: the best suggestion I can give is to learn what the people who are rich, and who know how to stay wealthy; do to achieve and preserve their wealth.. mainly referring to assets and liabilities; I learned the hard way; but a really new (and fun) way is by playing cashflow; a board game created by the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki; the board game itself is pretty expensive; but he has a free online version of it on his site (which is free to sign up on) at   The game is really fun and an excellent way to learn about how to handle money and “get out of the rat race.”  I play it myself still; often teaching others how to play, but sometimes just for fun..

I have recently begun creating sources of passive residual income.  I am a musician with albums out on iTunes, Google Play, etc. and am a self-published author with my e-book on amazon, barnes & noble, google etc., and I have achieved all of this in the last year.

Point being, find what you are good at and ideally something you enjoy doing; and find ways to earn residual, passive income off that; and you’d be surprised at what is possible and what you can achieve.

No matter what you do now or what you want to do or achieve in the future; one of the best pieces of advice I received was to write out your goals; and figure out step-by-step how to achieve them; and then do those steps;  as long as you have a burning desire to achieve your goals, can stay positive; and have clear, to the point plans to carry them out, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

I wish you Good Luck in all your endeavors!


Adam Faigen

Thanks for reading =)



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