Response to a pretty strong difference of opinions between a friend and I.


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A co-worker and good friend of mine recently sent me an email which took me by surprise… He is a spiritual man who is like me in that we both are always trying to learn new things about (and to improve) ourselves and the world around us..  Well in this email he told me that he has essentially been a little off track recently in his spiritual beliefs but is back on what he believes is the right path after watching a youtube video regarding the beliefs of the church on gay rights, etc.

Well one of my close relatives is bi, and I have had friends who are gay, so personally I have different beliefs, and I responded to his email and told him this, and afterwords he apologized and essentially said he was caught up in the moment of what he was thinking about after watching the video, and that he is still searching and doesn’t know the truth.  So In response; I sent him the following (paraphrased) message

Ultimately it is up to each one of us to decide for ourselves what we think is right and wrong, what we believe and what we don’t, and what is truth and what are lies.  Even if our beliefs do conflict; I have nothing but utmost respect for you because you are willing to actually take the time to view all sides of every argument you hear before deciding for sure what you believe; I wish more people could be like that.

So continue not being afraid to tell me your true beliefs/feelings.  I will always tell you how I feel about something regardless of whether we agree; just don’t be offended if we don’t, I will happily explain why I do or don’t agree with you about anything and I hope you aren’t afraid to do the same.  The best thing about arguments between two intelligent adults is that we have the ability to still get along and respect the fact that people don’t always have to agree to be friends.

Anyways I generally have the same morals and values as you even if there are differences here and there.. Basically what I am trying to say is keep on being you. Don’t let what I say to you affect what you say to me or think I want to hear; I hope nothing like that can stop us from being friends.

I just thought I would share this email, I thought it important to repeat because I feel like there would be many more friendships and therefore happiness in this world if we could just remember that sometimes arguments are going to happen and we can’t always agree; but we can look past our differences and see the good in other people.

Happy Holidays everyone!

See you soon  =)



Technology and Ignorance


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We live in a golden age.  We have amazing technology and continue to invent more and more advanced gadgets that make our lives easier. But at what cost? We have actually become reliant on our technology and believe that we can not survive without it; which in some cases; is absolutely true.   Humans would never have been able to advance to where we are today without fire, which in some ways is our invention (though a naturally occurring phenomenon).  Similarly, now we rely on electricity (another naturally occurring phenomenon in the form of lightning) for light and heat.  But what happens every time there is a big thunderstorm or blizzard on the way that may cause a power outage?  People become panicked, they rush to grocery stores, and on occasion it gets so bad some resort to looting and riots…

How many people do you know who would be able to survive without grocery stores and McDonalds, without cars to get to work, and for that matter without work.  Could you find a way to survive without money?  For most of us (myself included); the answer is a most devastating; NO.  If there were no electricity and no currency; we would either be forced to adopt a barter system, or even steal from each other (or worse) in order to survive.  Let’s face it; nothing lasts forever; and our way of life as it stands now; especially our insatiable energy consumption as it stands today; will change or it will end completely one way or the other.

Most of us may not be able to survive if a real threat to our way of life were to occur.  Though we humans seem to be able to destroy the planet on our own, there are plenty of natural occurrences in space that could be devastating to our way of life. In the year 1859 (a blink of an eye in the scheme of things) there was a solar storm that caused all the telegraph systems in Europe and North America to fail.  Were the same storm to occur today; the devastation to our electrical and battery-powered systems would be enormous.  One way we could be better prepared for a power outage would be for each of us to find a skill that we are interested in learning that does not require electricity (or a battery) to perform.  For example learn how to paint, learn calligraphy, or how to play a musical instrument.  Find something that holds some meaning for you, and/or something that you can teach to others.

There’s also the constant threat of comets and meteors, which have hit us before many times as well.  Though there are only a handful of known craters on earth that we can point out;  many more have occurred in the past that have been covered up by time, erosion, etc..  Just look at how many craters are on the moon!   Speaking of which: the prevailing hypothesis today is that a few billion years ago the earth was hit by a mars-sized object (called Theia)..  The aftermath of that devastating blow is, you guessed it: the moon.  Though that was a long time ago, and the solar system has calmed down a bit; we can’t stick our heads in the sand and pretend that such a catastrophe could never have happened, and we know for a fact that we hit very small objects all the time (ever seen a shooting star?  Earth is bombarded by these small pieces of rock and debris on a daily basis). I am not trying to scare anyone; I am just trying to remind you that nothing lasts forever.   Each one of us dies, as well as all other living things. We have proven that stars (our sun for example) have a finite amount of energy, as well, and one day they “die,”  Which means at some point; so will the earth (and with it all life on the planet).  Just like our bodies; Earth is the only one we have.

I think we should be focusing our energy on first of all ending War; then discrimination of all types, and hunger, and then spending our time working on ways to protect life as well as the planet itself; while we work on ways to get to another planet or planets that can sustain life if something were to happen to this one.

See you soon  =)




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In this day and age it seems ridiculous to me that we still are so blinded by what society expects of us.  According to the unspoken rules of our culture, in order to be successful, we must have finished college, gotten married (and have children), and have at least 1 promotion by the time we are 30.   If this were the only way to become successful monetarily; then there would be no millionaires or billionaires who never went to college; of which there are many, and there would be a lot more millionaires and billionaires who have gone to college; of which there aren’t enough…

I believe formal education where one must physically go to a campus is fast becoming obsolete. For one thing; there are many colleges that now offer online classes which are often cheaper than the same class offered at their respective campuses.  Even so; it is expensive to get a degree regardless of where you go; and then, the job market is so bad that many new graduates are finding it hard to find decent paying jobs in their chosen fields.

So why, then, do we spend tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that takes 4 (or more) years of our lives to receive?

Colleges are not meant to create wealthy people, nor are they meant to create geniuses. A college degree is just proof that someone has the ability to stick with something for a certain period of time, to overcome obstacles and, to be frank; it proves that someone will follow direction from their superiors without questioning.

With the technology we have today, (it is now common knowledge that) you can learn anything online; 99% of which, you can learn for free.  So instead of waiting for some teacher to tell you what to study; anyone (of any age and background) can go online and find out the information they are interested in.

Even before the internet anyone could choose to read a book rather than go to a school and learn the same information in a more relaxed, forgiving environment. Now you can still read a book (of which there are many more), or visit an appropriate website, or even watch a youtube video on the topic of your choosing, and learn more, faster than what a professor in a traditional university may teach.

In all fairness, because of the importance society has placed on the degree and the amount of intelligence we have supposedly achieved once we receive it; it is very hard to find a high-paying job without one (though there are some; I have seen this first hand).  However, if you are really interested in how to become wealthy rather than just having a “good job”; you can go online, and find information on economics such as assets verses liabilities and sources of residual passive income. And, for those still unsure, there is no rule that says the owner of a company or the creator of an invention, or the writer of a hit song or author of a best-selling book has to have a formal education in their respective fields…

I am going to assume that the meaning of life is not to slave away working for someone else for half our lives only to end up old and broke and unhappy.  I am not saying the meaning of life is to do nothing and just have fun and go to parties all day; though finding ways to enjoy life is not a bad thing (as long as nothing you do will hurt others)…

If you were to ask me what the meaning of life is; I would say what you leave to your descendants and what you have shared with the people who’s lives you were a part of.  Teach others what you know, do what you can to save the environment, or give something back to the community!

Whether it is by writing a book, or a song, or teaching others what is important to you, I have found that regardless of our formal education (or lack thereof), regardless of the number of 0s in our bank accounts (even if we are in debt), what is really important is how people will remember you, and what knowledge and gifts you can share with the world that your descendants or at least your friends and their descendants will be able to enjoy.

I decided long ago not to be a slave to what society expects of me.  Personally, I would much rather use my brain; learn what I want, and achieve everything that I always wanted in my own way.  “Two roads diverged…and I—I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Thank you for reading, and keep an eye out for my next post where I will talk about the technology we have today and the dangers of being so reliant on it.

See you soon  =)


Something I recently posted in an online community I was invited into…

I was asked to join a community on Google Plus recently and I accepted.  The community has to do with making money and I thought I could impart some of my knowledge about assets and liabilities, etc. to my fellow members:

Before I say anything else; and be aware I am not receiving any sort of payment for the following advice: the best suggestion I can give is to learn what the people who are rich, and who know how to stay wealthy; do to achieve and preserve their wealth.. mainly referring to assets and liabilities; I learned the hard way; but a really new (and fun) way is by playing cashflow; a board game created by the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki; the board game itself is pretty expensive; but he has a free online version of it on his site (which is free to sign up on) at   The game is really fun and an excellent way to learn about how to handle money and “get out of the rat race.”  I play it myself still; often teaching others how to play, but sometimes just for fun..

I have recently begun creating sources of passive residual income.  I am a musician with albums out on iTunes, Google Play, etc. and am a self-published author with my e-book on amazon, barnes & noble, google etc., and I have achieved all of this in the last year.

Point being, find what you are good at and ideally something you enjoy doing; and find ways to earn residual, passive income off that; and you’d be surprised at what is possible and what you can achieve.

No matter what you do now or what you want to do or achieve in the future; one of the best pieces of advice I received was to write out your goals; and figure out step-by-step how to achieve them; and then do those steps;  as long as you have a burning desire to achieve your goals, can stay positive; and have clear, to the point plans to carry them out, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

I wish you Good Luck in all your endeavors!


Adam Faigen

Thanks for reading =)