The secret to getting everything you’ve always wanted


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This is not the first time I have shared the following information, nor am I the first person to share it in the first place.  This can be the most important thing you have ever heard; or it can do nothing for you.

The only person who makes it valuable is you.

One of the best ways I have ever heard this concept is the following metaphor.  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  Well this is the most clear, clean, healthy water imaginable.  It’s a panacea called the “secret.”  It is the law of attraction:

Whatever you believe wholeheartedly and strive for; you can achieve.

I know it seems sappy; and even utopian.  I understand it is hard to believe. I haven’t always believed it, myself, but trust me; It is very true, you just have to decide what you want, and then take action.

Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals; it’s as simple as writing them down.  Write out step-by-step what you have to do to achieve them.  Then you simply have to do something every day towards completing each step.

Nothing could be simpler once you understand the basics.  Decide what you want, then take action every day to achieve what you want.  If you don’t believe me; take my own life for example.

I didn’t have any drive for a long time;  Bad experiences in my past were affecting me inside and out.  However, before finding out exactly what it was or how to do it; I began following the law of attraction.

I decided what I wanted; which was to take my passion for music and turn it into a career. I wrote out my first step; to record some of my songs and get them on youtube.  Then I did just that (after forgetting I wrote that down – I recently found the piece of paper I wrote that on…);  I didn’t even write down more steps nor did I know exactly what I wanted to achieve at that time.

As soon as I did get my originals on youtube, however, I knew what the natural next step was; get them on iTunes, Google Play, etc.

So I did.  It’s that simple.

Since then I worked on advertising/marketing/promoting; whatever you want to call it; I worked hard; but I enjoyed every minute!   I was working at what I wanted most; I was living my dream; and it’s true what they say;

“Find something you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

So I worked hard, and eventually I ran into my music managers; I found them, they didn’t find me.  I submitted my music to them, they liked it, and now they advertise all my songs to big companies like MTV, VH1, Hyatt, Starbucks, etc.

They even recently told me that one of my songs is going to be in an upcoming video game created by Matsuko (game name hasn’t been released yet, but it is set to be released in May).

I am not the best musician in the world; on the contrary I admit I am very mediocre; I know how to play, but I am not amazing.  I just put my heart/emotion into my music, and everything I did and do involving it, and things worked out.

The point is I followed the law of attraction:  I believed it was possible, I took steps to achieve it, and then my dreams came true.

I know I had heard the words “the law of attraction” before; but didn’t understand what it meant until recently after a lot of reading.  Find what you want, write out what it is and then write out the steps you need to take in order to achieve it; and then do the steps!

No one except you can change your life; no one except you can make you rich, happy, or a better person.

We only live once; remember any one of us can get run over by a bus later today; or get a heart attack, or maybe a plane could crash on your house… My point is: Carpe Diem; The only time you know that you are alive to achieve what you want is now.

After fear, procrastination is our biggest enemy.

Figure out what you want, then do whatever it takes to go out and get it!

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for my next post where I will talk about being an autodidact and how it can make you much more intelligent, happier, and more successful. – update: this is 2 posts in the future; in my next post I showed a comment I made in a google plus community..

See you soon  =)



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